1. How to get registered with Amarbiyashaadi.com?

Registering with Amarbiyashaadi.com is easy as looking at your interested profile. Provide your basic details including name, email id, address and contact to become a member of one of the quickly growing matrimonial websites in India. 

To get registered in a jiffy, try Login With Facebook or Google.


2. What is Quick Search?

Quick Search is an advanced search option that allows a user to search profiles based on gender, age, country, state, city and mother tongue.


3. How to add my success story?

Individuals who met their desired partners through our matrimonial service can share their success story with us by using 'Post Your Success Story' category. Provide your details, add your marriage photograph, describe your story and let the world know how happily married you are.


4. What is Keyword search?

It is one of the easiest ways to search profiles in Amarbiyashaadi.com based up on some specific keywords like age, gender, caste, community or location. 


5. How can I change my password?

Change your password by; Go to My Account, click on Change Password. Enter Current Password then New password followed by Confirming Password. Click on Submit to instantly change your password. 


6. How many images can I upload?

A user registered with Amarbiyashaadi.com can upload images up to a maximum of 10. It is recommended to do not post any images that are provocative and nude.


7. What makes the difference between free and paid membership?

 Free Membership

- Get a personality insight

- View photos

- Receive daily personalized matches  


Paid Membership

- Communicate with matches you are interested in at any time

- Email your matches at any time

- View photos

- Send unlimited personalized messages

- Receive daily personalized matches 

- Get a personality insight

- Chat with prospects directly


8. How many times I can register with the same mail Id?

A user can register with a particular email id only once. 


9. How to hide my mobile number?

Hiding your mobile number in Amarbiyashaadi.com is so simple. Follow below steps to hide;

1. Go to My Account

2. Select Privacy Options

3. Choose Edit from Phone

4. Select 'Not visible to anyone'


10. Who can view my mobile number?

Your mobile number can be viewed by Premium Members/ Premium Members you wish to get connected with. 


11. Who can send personalized messages?

Personalized messages like sending an email to an interested person is possible if only you are a premium member of Amarbiyashaadi.com


12. How to set Astrology preferences?

Follow the below steps to set your Astrology Preferences

Go to My Account

Go to Astro Details Preferences

Select Dosham/ Nakshatra preference

Click on save 


13. What to do when I encountered with Invalid email Id or incorrect password message?

Invalid email Id or incorrect password might occur due to any of the following reasons:

 - The email id entered might not be same one that used to get registered with Amarbiyashaadi.com

- A user might have entered password with Capslock on or entered password in incorrect case; whether upper case or lower case


14. How to know about my membership expiry date?

If you want to get known about when your membership will expire, follow the below steps

 1. Go to My Account

2. Select Payment History and you will be automatically directed to a page where you will see entire information about your payment, membership plan and its expiry date.


15. What are 2-way matches?

If your partner preference is matching to a profile and also their partner preference is matching to your profile it is a 2-way match. 2-way matches section returns a list of such profiles together. 


16. What are reverse matches?

Reverse matches brings a list of profiles whose preferences are matching to your profile. If you are interested you can go ahead with any of those profiles or you can choose members out from the reverse match list. 


17. What if I have other queries that are not mentioned here?

Use the Contact us form if you have any other questions about Amarbiyashaadi.com. We will respond promptly.