Safety Tips do all it takes to provide the best quality services that are secure and safe. While we are committed to nullify the security issues and privacy problems, as a responsible user you are required to follow some safety tips to terminate the problems in the budding stage.

Please go through the below section:

1. How to protect details in your profile?
You can protect your data from the misuse of others through setting passwords. Create passwords for contact number, email, horoscope, photos and other significant information to do not reveal them out.

2. Do members know when you look at their profile?
Indeed no, we are not offering any service that lets the members know who watched their profile.

3. Why it is necessary to keep login details confidential?
Exchange of login details to someone may leads to the occurrence of unnecessary or complicated activities on your profile. Unless until he/she is a trustworthy, it is never recommended to share login credentials.

4. Your safety is your responsibility
Once registered with, user is suggested to be careful about the activities happening in his/her profile. Never share your login credentials with suspicious persons, do not forget to get signed out if you use others Pc or laptop and also don't respond to messages if they are suspicious.

5. Where you should not meet for your first meeting?
If you are planning to meet someone in person, make sure you are meeting him/her in public places like coffee shops and/or restaurants and strictly deny meeting at hotels and other private places. On the top, it is good enough if you intimate your parents before you going to catch up.

6. How to stay far away from money scams?
If a person asks you money for a ransom of any benefit, don't let their game winning. Avoid friction with them and write us about their details to do not repeat the problem.

7. What next to do after confronting a fraudulent profile?
Ever since you find a profile suspicious or fraudulent, report us with the profile details. We will take the necessary action steps against the person behind the profile.

8. How to report violation?
Reporting to is easy. Simply write us to

9. Do I need to provide my details while I report violation?
While reporting violation, it is necessary to report alongwith your details. We keep your information confidential and will never reveal to third person.

10. What will do if I report violation?
Relying up on the activity, responds against the person, it may also involve contacting cyber police.

11. What should I do when a member harass me?
It is highly recommended to report any issues relating to harassment to stop growing them any further and also to provide a best platform for members to search their partner.