Terms & Conditions

If you intend to become a member of the Amarbiyashaadi.com and advertise your profile, you need to get registered with us. Any member or user of this site is here by inform that they agree to the terms and are accepted to abide by all of them.

 1. Eligibility 

To become a member of Amarbiyashaadi.com he/she must be of legal age to get married. As per the laws of India, woman should be of age 18 or above and men should be 21 years old or above. They must comply all the laws that are applicable to them to enter into the matrimony and the registered member needs to be a citizen of India and have the intention to marry an Indian.  

As a user, by using Amarbiyashaadi.com, you are expressing consent that you have the right and authority to get into this agreement. Also you agree to accept all the terms and conditions pertain to this agreement. Amarbiyashaadi.com reserves the right to enforce the action of termination of a user's membership if he/she misrepresents any pivotal information or violates any laws to get married. 

2. Term

 Users registered with Amarbiyashaadi.com can terminate their membership at anytime from anywhere due to any reason but it is recommended to note that there won't takes place any refund of the amount to the user's account in case of account termination. Also, an identified user who participated in the breaching of terms and conditions can't able to access his account due to the account termination by Amarbiyashaadi and that particular user will not be entitled to receive refund of any unused services of the membership.  

3. Non-commercial use by members

 Amarbiyashaadi.com is purely dedicated for the personal use only. Any commercial use of the website including embedding other websites links or promoting their advertisements entails for the enforcement of necessary legal action on users/members alongside the termination of their account. Other than individuals, groups like businesses and organizations cannot become a part of this website and are strictly prohibited from the unwanted use of the website. 


4. Other terms of use by members

  1. Amarbiyashaadi.com reserves the right to check every account of the user and their status.
  2. It is permitted to have only one account for a user. More than one account for a user leads to cancellation of all the other accounts and the refund will not be directed to associate accounts.
  3. Ever since the registration is completed with Amarbiyashaadi.com, you are not objecting to receive any emails, messages and calls from us. Email id and mobile number that you had provided while registering gets mails, messages or calls.
  4. Amarbiyashaadi.com takes care about its users from all the possible ways and it reserves the right to take appropriate steps to stop misuse of the website to ensure customer satisfaction.
  5. Members/users are strictly prohibited from using programs and scripts like CGI, IRC Bots and EXE's to contact or interact with Amarbiyashaadi.com and its associated members.
  6. Amarbiyashaadi.com reserves the right to disable any images/content/communication that is obscene, provocative or offense without any prior intimation to the member.
  7.  Amarbiyashaadi.com members are suggested to follow the safety tips to prevent the forthcoming problems. By becoming a member of Amarbiyashaadi you are accepted to adhere to the Safety Tips.


5. Content posted on the site

- Do not post illegal content which may harass other members of the website and make sure it should not be offensive, do not pinch on racism and hatred.

- Members of the Amarbiyashaadi.com are not permitted to transmit any mails (Mails like junk, spam, chain letters etc.) that results to the inconvenience of the website or other members.

- Do not create any content that misleads members or advertises illegal activities. Also the content should not engage any users in activities including sales, advertising, promotions and schemes.

- Do not display content or other material that is pornographic, abusive, obscene, threatening and defamatory.


6. Disclaimers

-       Amarbiyashaadi.com is not liable for any inappropriate or incorrect content/material posted in the website, whether the content is from users, members or due to a reflection from programming used in the service. 

-       Amarbiyashaadi.com is not responsible for glitches, deletion, theft, defect, omission, disruptions, delay in functioning, transmission of communications, destruction and/or any unauthorized access.

 -       Amarbiyashaadi.com assumes no responsibility for any technical issues, network malfunction, problems in servers, malfunction of computer software/equipment, providers’ problem, internet traffic congestion, failure of receiving/sending emails due to technical problems. Also you hereby confirm that you have read terms and conditions and accepted to abide by them. 

-       Amarbiyashaadi.com is not responsible for any errors or damage entailed due to someone's action on the site/ use of the service and/or any content diverted to the members of the website.

 -       Amarbiyashaadi.com's endeavour is to bring prospect/match for the members of the site but it never guarantees in assurance of the prolific results with the use of the service/site. 

-       Under any circumstances we are not responsible for the illegal content posted on the site by any users/members/third parties.


7. Changes on Amarbiyashaadi.com

 Amarbiyashaadi.com reserves the right to enforce changes in the services to better them up and it is our sole discretion to change them at any time without any prior intimation or notification.


8. Copyright Policy

Any material/content exist in this website is copyright protected and so no user is permitted to use, post, regenerate and distribute the information in their personal/business websites and sources for personal/organization benefits. Members must comply with copyrights and trademarks, and any unauthorized access or violating these terms may lead to restriction of the usage to website and termination of the membership.


9. Other

By registering with Amarbiyashaadi.com you are accepted to receive service related emails from Amarbiyashaadi.com. However, users have the option to stop receiving emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link provided in the email itself. Users can also subscribe to emails any time with the website's Subscription alert. 

By becoming a member of Amarbiyashaadi.com or by utilizing the website services, you confirm that you have read and understand the above terms and agree to be bound by them.

Please contact us for any clarifications and questions regarding the above terms.